handcrafted jewelry

for the ritual of adornment + celebrations


from the beginning

A Radford University Fashion Merchandising and Design alumna with a minor in Metals and Studio Art, owner and jeweler Brittanny designed her first full collection from her home studio in 2013. Imagined as a vision of classic goddesses and their unique stories, designed for modern day.

Rooted in the traditions of the ancient craft, long before the conveniences of modern tools, the core of Sun & Selene is inspired by the earthly treasures dreamt up and created by hand - thousands of years in the past.

Texas born by way of her parents from the Caribbean, Brittanny finds herself pulled to the ocean and sun with all of it’s magic and energy. The constant influence of the glowing energies of our sun and moon, with the added universal connection of astrology and how it manifests in each of our lives, continues to flow through her creative process.

SELENE, the goddess and ancient personification of the moon, was the muse for the first ring in the collection that started this journey and sparked the beginnings of Sun & Selene.



What started as a one-woman show in the guest room studio, Brittanny has since grown the brand with a flagship atelier in Richmond, VA with a small team powering the entire studio.

SUN & SELENE estiva + minerva bangles

the jewelry

carefully hand fabricated, hammered, polished, and finished; each piece that comes out of our studio is handcrafted in small batches using recycled metals and consciously sourced gemstones.